The sunset




Bon soir!

It has been a very hot day!

The kids and I decided to do a repeat of yesterday’s activity and head to the city for a playtime in the park! Yesterday I learned that a bottle of water and a fruit is very good to bring when walking long in a hot whether with children, so this time I was prepared! We spent an hour there before lunch and after lunch we went to the beach! It was hot so we lived in the water! Instead of searching after crabs we searched for dead crabs, lovely! The tide had gone down during the time we spent at the beach so there was no water in the little pond near the seacoast!

We packed our bags and a picknick basket to go to the other side of Cap Ferret from where we live, the seacoast towards the Atlantic Sea! It was an amazing and mind blowing beach, a beautiful sunset, clean  water and sand that goes 60 km along the coast! The family and I sat on a blanket enjoying the sunset, the kids playing and the nice evening! The high waves made us wet, but it didn’t matter, it was a fantastic experience!

Au revoir and good night Sunday!




La deuxième jour à la Cap Ferret

Woke up today and waited for the girls to wake up, they woke up one hour later than me, this was a total shock since they had gone up before 7 a.m every morning since I arrived! But I got some time for my self – can’t complain!

The day started with a trip to la plage to bath and to look after moules! It was a success! The sun was shining and it was a fantastic view from the beach to Arcachon!

We went home for lunch and for a promised bake session which ended with me baking and they tasting everything! But it was wonderful to see how happy they got!

I went on a bicycle ride along the coast and ended up shopping and eating ice cream by the sea! It was really nice!

The whole family and I went to the sea again and after we had  dinner! I’m starting to get used to the habit of eating late!

After a few glasses of red wine I’m pleased to be in my room with a cup of tea going yo sleep!

Have a nice Tuesday!



Premieres jours…


Enfin, the unknown feeling in my stomach has disappeared which is a very good sign – I have finally landed in France, in Versailles and  in Cap Ferret!

It’s still a working progress to get to know the family, the girls and my new life in Paris! But I have accepted that everything will take time – this is shocking if you know me well since I want everything to go fast and fantastic at the same time, but it isn’t always like that!

I am so happy I choose to go with the family on vacation to Cap Ferret before work, school and my “real” schedule starts! Remember, as a new Au Pair it will be hard at first, but then you realize that everyday gets better and easier!

Overall, my time in France so far has been great and life changing!

I have always said to family, friends and strangers that I felt a deep love for Paris and France in total when I visited the country for the first time, and it’s so true! This country makes me curious and more free! I love Sweden as my home country and as my safe place, but I hope and wish that I will live in France for a long period of my life! Even if it’s difficult with some parts at the moment I feel like this year will be the beginning of a bright future for me! A really good year!

Have a fantastic evening!




My graduation!

A way for you to get to know me better!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is my lovely family on my graduation day! Sadly, I have to leave them behind when I go to Paris, but as said, I have never felt more ready to spread my wings!

Have a fantastic week!



I have just now landed in my sofa in our summer house, full of excitement over my first work day at my new job here in Brantevik, Simrishamn. A small town by the sea. Trampes is the name of the restaurant and I really feel like I’m going to like it there!

Since march and since I matched with my family I have been working to prepare as much as possible before takeoff!

Here’s a checklist:

  • Insurance
  • University course – Je veux apprendre plus francais!
  • Dance classes
  • Gift to parents and the kids
  • Papers to sign
  • Ticket to Paris
  • Train card
  • And much more…!

The time is going by so fast, and I feel an urge to meet as many loved ones as possible before I go – surprisingly, I’m not nervous, but I have this exciting feeling in my stomach – I have never felt more ready!

Have a lovely weekend!


Long time, no see…

Happy summer!

It’s been a long time since I wrote here last time, a lot have happened and it’s only 4 weeks until my adventure begins – the real beginning of blogging!

Since I wrote here last time graduation, drivers license and preparations for Paris has been going on, and oh, how can I forget, PROM! A wonderful evening at Grand Hotel in Lund!

Over to my Au Pair journey – preparations, preparations, preparations, it doesn’t get any funnier than that! But, I have to say, it exciting!

Hope you will follow me!



Hello everyone!

I have a lot to tell you.


Yesterday I booked my ticket to Paris. Now you might wonder about the interesting information. Well, I have matched with a family! The Skype meeting I had a couple of weeks ago went great and just 5 minutes after I decided that, this was my family!

After a lot of approvals, papers to sign and emails with STS, the french organization and the family, it’s done! It feels like a blessing that I have my booked ticket now!

The family lives in Versailles and has a 15 minutes train ride to the middle of Paris. My life will consist of mornings and evenings with the children from monday to friday, during these days I will spend most of my time in Paris when they’re in school. I will study french and explore the city. On weekends I’m not working so then I will probably spend most of my time in Paris as well and explore Versailles. Versailles seems like a very cultural and interesting city!

I will stay there from august 2016 to august 2017! I couldn’t be more happy!

Have a wonderful day! I will update with more information as it goes!



First meeting

Hello everyone!

I hope that you have had a fantastic day! The sun has been shining, can’t complain!

In 3 hours I’m having my first Skype meeting with the family I spoke about in my last post. I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous, but still excited!

I have written down all questions I want to ask them and prepared for what they might ask me!

I tried to think about why I’m so nervous, but I think it’s because of that time passes quickly and I can’t believe that it’s almost one year ago I sat and applied to be an au pair. It feels like yesterday.

All I know is that I’m in it to win it! I feel so excited and happy that the times goes fast, I can’t wait until the day I take off to Paris with no expectations and a whole year to fill with new experiences and new meetings!

I will keep you updated about how it went with the first meeting today!

Have a great week!

From dream to reality

  • I have always dreamed about Paris. The Eiffel-tower, the style, the french language and the people, the food, and the life style. Simply, everything! I always knew that my first destination after my graduation would be Paris. It wasn’t until I reached my second year at high school where I got the idea to work as an au pair. My plan was first to study directly, but after 3 years at high school, I felt that a break from school  and studies would be the perfect fit for me!
  • I love kids. A life as an au pair would give me a combination of au pair time, free time and exploring other places on my own! Therefore, I chose to apply as an au pair via STS au pair!


  • The process started with an application, then after going though interviews, papers and even more papers to send in to the organization, I passed and my approved application was sent to STS au pair’s co-worker Acceuil in France. Their job is to help me find families that would suit me!
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, I have received a family that I’ve started talking to and I really love them! I will look into more families before I decide, but today when I got my first mail from the au pair family, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice to go to Paris!
  • I will provide you with as much information as I possibly can about the process finding a family!
  • My first mission now is to find a family, and then I want to get to know them as much as I can before I head of to Paris!
  • Stay tuned!